Let Us Find Your Lost Super

Adam Cursio

Did you know that unclaimed Super funds with low balances could be taken away from your Trustee’s control and into the hands of the ATO?

The Australian Government has recently made amendments to rules on small super funds with balances under $6,000.

As of 31st December 2016, if you own a super fund which falls in value under $6,000 it may be automatically taken into the care of the ATO on your behalf. The current threshold is $4,000.

If you have multiple super funds we should speak urgently to discuss consolidating your funds into one manageable account which stays in your control and out of the hands of the ATO.

You should also check that your employer is paying your super correctly and the amounts you receive are in line with your employment contract.

To consolidate your super or to allow us to check up on your fund, simply call us on 9481 2222 or email me directly on adam@cursio.com.au.

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