‘We are on your side’


Tony Cursio  |  Principal
Dip Fin Serv (FP) (Brok) QPIB, SMSF Specialist

Over 30 years ago Tony Cursio embarked on a mission to provide his Melbourne based network of family and friends with high quality financial advice. Commencing in the 1980s as a specialist general and life insurance agent, Tony began coaching his clients to Plan. Grow. and Protect. their hard earned wealth. These three words ring true to our service offering still today.

Tony saw the introduction of superannuation in the early 90s which brought financial planning to the forefront of clients’ needs along with the age old necessity to invest in real property. Tony has an impressive command on matching tailored advice to suit his every client’s needs and and he has built a mountain of credibility in the industry and among clients as a professional, loyal and trusted insurance and financial advisor.

Tony is proud to be working with family, primarily his two sons David and Adam who are carrying the family tradition to bring Cursio Group into the new era of financial services to families and business owners.

In addition to a 30 year plus career in financial services, 2018 marks the 50th year Tony has been performing as a singer in Melbourne since arriving to Australia from southern Italy. Many of our loyal clients have been introduced thanks to Tony’s extensive work performing at weddings, corporate events and festivals in the Italian community.


Adam Cursio | Financial Planner & General Insurance Broker
BBus (Fin Plan), Dip Fin Serv (Brok), Dip Fin, LREA

Adam entered the Financial Services industry to ‘help people with money’, a problem for everyone. As a senior financial planner, general insurance broker and fully licensed estate agent, Adam has a breadth of experience and well rounded holistic approach when advising his valued clients on financial matters.

Adam’s professional advisory services suit young growing families and small business owners. Keen on helping those who aspire to build real wealth with property and business, Adam’s passion lies in explaining complex  financial matters in plain English and demonstrating the beauty of using financial products to your advantage so you can Plan. Grow. and Protect. what you have worked hard to build.

A more recently developed passion of Adam’s is to assist families with elderly members entering aged care to navigate the complexities this brings.


David Cursio | Finance Consultant
BCom (Melb), Dip Fin and Mortgage Broking Management, Dip Building and Construction

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University, David joined his father and brother on a journey in business and David has been the backbone of the team ever since.

Aside from keeping the office running smoothly, David is an experienced mortgage broker and adviser to clients who are building property portfolios and continues to service our existing clients with their residential home loans, commercial loans and leasing finance needs. David has a keen passion for property, and recently gained a Diploma in Building and Construction which helps him to understand the life of property focused clients.

Outside of his finance role, David has also enjoyed a long career as band leader, piano player and vocalist, and performs regularly together with his wife Michelle Serret-Cursio, one of Australia’s foremost TV and session singers.


Anna Carrafa  |  Administration Manager
Tier 2 Ins Brok

Anna has been working in the general insurance industry for the past 8 years coming from a background in financial services and banking.

Sister to Tony, and mother to Louise, Anna enjoys roles that require a high level of care and customer focus. Anna was recognised for this natural trait by her previous employer NAB when she was given a Service Excellence Award – a very prestigious award within the financial services industry.

Anna thrives on helping people and will go out of her way to provide exceptional customer service.
A proud mother of three, Anna brings honesty, transparency and a genuine caring nature to our team.


Louise Randi  |  Client Services Manager
Dip Fin Serv (FP), Tier 2 Ins Brok, Dip Bus Admin

Louise is a qualified financial planner and experienced general insurance assistant with and exceptional client services skills. Since joining our business in 2007 at the age of 19, Louise has grown into a highly capable and trustworthy member of our team.

Louise excels in documenting the advice given by our Advisors and works closely with all parties involved in serving our clients from advisors to institutions and third party professionals.

A background in retail customer service and dancing on TV productions has helped Louise to always provide a positive client experience for everyone who comes in to our office as a new or existing client.

Louise has a passion for cooking, shopping and spending time with family and friends.

Why we do what we do

We are strong believers that the most important part of life is family. Yet finding the time to spending with your loved ones has become challenging in the fast paced world we live in.

Business costs, living costs, taxes and stresses continue to rise while families demand the most of you. For many people it seems there just isn’t enough time anymore.

Meanwhile the financial system around us continues to roll on. It allows us to save, borrow, insure and invest so we can all achieve our goals. It doesn’t wait for us. We do what we do so that you can concentrate on what you need to do to achieve your goals in business and in life.

Our mission is to take the burden of finance off your shoulders and onto ours so you can be the best at what you do. We can’t solve all your problems. But we can make sure you never have to make a decision about money on your own ever again.

We can help with the following:

  • Loans
  • Investments
  • Business
  • Property
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance

We have chosen to dedicate our lives to helping those around us navigate the financial system to ultimately succeed in business and enjoy prosperous lives with their families and focusing on the important beautiful parts of life.

Caring for the Aged

People spend a lifetime building wealth to support themselves in retirement so they don’t become a burden to their loved ones as they age. Regardless of a family’s financial situation, with aged care comes a huge burden that no family should carry alone. It seems to more wealth one has, the bigger the problem.

We have become passionate about helping families who have an elderly member entering aged care to navigate financial matters to support their goals.

When we get called to discuss aged care funding with a family, the first thing we try to do is to get a very clear picture as to the specific goals of the elderly person, the family and the powers of attorney who assume control of the situation. Sometimes, the goals for everyone are initially non-aligned and our first job is to bring the family together to agree on a plan to best serve everyone involved. This takes a high level of experience, compassion, patience and professionalism. All of which we believe we have.

Funding for aged care can be costly and supporting the cash flow requirements can be a burden on a family’s wealth. There are many options available for aged care funding and we are well positioned to be able to provide professional guidance on this complex issue.

Some of the main decisions to make when funding aged care are:

  • Paying the refundable accommodation deposit RAD) vs the daily accommodation payment (DAP), or a combination of both
  • Sourcing funds to pay the deposit from cash savings, selling down assets or borrowing the funds required
  • Selling the family home vs renting the family home to generate an ongoing income
  • Investing the families assets in ways which maximise the value of the estate
  • How to maximise cash flow in aged care

All of these decisions will have an impact on any possible eligibility for government benefits, the daily cost of care which has a huge baring on the cash flow.

We aim to assist families to make the right decision and to minimise the burden of this decision on the children or powers of attorney by providing professional advice.

Supporting business owners through insurance

As you reach new heights in your business you need to lock in a safety net below you so you don’t fall back down. That’s what insurance is all about – protecting what you have so you can continue to grow.

When a business starts out we might receive an enquiry for public liability insurance, as this is normally necessary for the landlord, local council or government regulatory body supervising your industry.

Meanwhile, many people continue to self manager their other insurances for cars, homes, pleasure craft etc through online provides or the ‘direct’ market as we refer to it. Direct market means a policy you buy without the help of a broker like us.

Then come the claims!

Did you know that ‘direct’ insurance products vs the ‘broker’ channel products are sometimes cheaper? Mainly for motor and home policies. You are probably guessing this is because brokers like us don’t have to be paid a commission. Well here’s how it really works. The chance of someone who is not an insurance professional claiming on a policy versus a professional acting on your behalf, is quite low. So if you have a direct policy and you try to make a claim, the likelihood of you succeeding or receiving the full claim amount from the insurer is not as high as if we were to do this for you. And there’s your answer. The claims paid via the direct market are significantly less than those approved to be paid via the broker channel so that’s why insurance premiums are sometimes cheaper online.

We liken this to the analogy of an individual representing themselves in a court case. Some may succeed but most fail.

You see, the passion for us lies in the fact that if we believe you ought to  focus on running your business and spending your spare time with family, why would we be comfortable letting you deal with your own insurance matters if it isn’t what you do. If you spend money on insurance, it needs to protect you when you need it. There are literally hundreds of insurance underwriters available to you via our broker channel and we can most certainly either save you money on your insurance and offer favourable terms for your cover. Both are equally as important.

Give us a go and send us your insurance renewals as they come so you can be sure you are protected right.

Using finance as leverage to grow your property portfolio

When property prices were three times annual wages in the ‘50s, families used to be able to buy a home and pay off a mortgage fairly quickly. There was little need to invest as life then was more affordable and simple savings plans and bank interest funded retirement.

Nowadays, property prices are soaring and to buy a home it costs in excess of ten times annual wages. We sincerely worry for the next generation and we wonder how on earth the kids of today will afford to buy a home if not for support from their family, if the trend continues.

We enjoy helping clients navigate the property market with our supporting services. We have helped hundreds of clients to refinance existing loans, extract equity in property they own to buy more property and even embark on property development projects.

When the value of properties in your area are high, we encourage clients to have their property valued and to capitalise on the growth they have enjoyed. If you don’t then you may loose the opportunity to use that equity to further invest if the market falls. Similarly, when you have secure income, this is the time to think about advancing your property plans. Too often we see clients coming to us at the wrong time hoping to buy property. We thoroughly enjoy guiding clients with professional advice through life so they can maximise the impact their financial decisions have on their ultimate goal which mostly it to be self funded in retirement.

Let us help you with your finances so you can be well prepared to make your next property move when it presents itself.