IT consultants, programmers, systems architects and analysts are at no less risk to causing damage to property than a concreter or a crane operator on a job site. You could still suffer a loss of your own or cause significant damage to someone’s business and property while you work.


Sometimes IT Professionals’ insurance claims fall in a grey area between Public Liability and Professional Indemnity. For this reason, it is a good idea to try to get both these policies covered by the same underwriter to eliminate the chance of confusion when claims arise.


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Professional Indemnity

The world of IT is forever changing at speeds most of us can’t keep up with. No business can operate without some form of IT support anymore. Whether you’re involved in small or large projects this type of work can be risky. Have you experienced times when your work hasn’t quite been delivered on time? Have you ever breached intellectual property or confidentiality agreements accidently?  Have you ever lost a client’s data? Well Murphy’s law says something that can go wrong, will go wrong, and that’s why you need to be protected.
Professional Indemnity insurance provides crucial financial protection for IT professionals, securing them against potential losses arising out of acts, errors and omissions over a wide range of IT services. Also, more and more companies require independent contractors to hold Professional Indemnity insurance before even being considered for a contract.

Public Liability

You may spend a portion of your time on site, therefore you are at risk of damaging your client’s property while working. Whether spilling a drink on some hardware, or accidentally causing outages and data losses this is where the line between Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance can be blurry.

Business Insurance

As an IT Professional you may consider the importance of a Business Insurance package if the following apply to you:

• You have an office away from home
• You have computing equipment and servers that you rely on to be in working order to run your business
• You have office equipment including computers and furniture that belongs to you
• You have a significant amount of internal or external glass
• You are required to pay for building insurance through the outgoings in your lease

Cyber Insurance

Consider the amount of client information and data you control. Could you imagine the impact of not only loosing data, but being held ransom by a hacker to have this data released?

Within the IT industry there are many occupations we can cover:

• Computer Programmer
• Computer Consultant
• Computer Software Retailing
• Computer Software Developer and Designers
• Information Technology (IT) Consultant
• Software and Application Developer
• Telecommunication Specialist
• Internet Service Provider
• Data Processing Service
• Website Developer




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