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For years we have been helping Australians to finance their purchases of cars, utes and trucks. Our team of brokers deliver outstanding service and bespoke solutions for every client.
Understanding you and your current situation is just as important as knowing which provider will meet your needs for your upcoming transaction.

Getting a work car on finance?

If you have had an active ABN for more than two years and you are a home owner, buying a car on finance couldn’t be easier. Let us advise you on the options available for your next purchase.

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Car lease explained

A Car Lease or Finance Lease is a commercial finance product that enables the client to have benefits of ownership of a commercial vehicle while the lender actually owns the vehicle.
A Finance Lease is known as an Asset Lease or Vehicle Lease.

How does a car lease work?

The lender purchases the vehicle on behalf of the customer, who then leases the vehicle back from the lender and pays a fixed monthly lease rental for the term of the lease.
At the end of the lease the customer can either pay a residual value (balloon payment) on the lease and take ownership of the car, trade it in or re-finance the residual and continue the lease.

Chattel mortgage explained

A Chattel Mortgage is a commercial finance product where the client takes ownership of the vehicle at the time of purchase.

How does a Chattel Mortgage work?

Under a Chattel Mortgage the lender provides funds to the client to purchase a vehicle, and the client takes ownership of the vehicle at the time of purchase. The lender then takes a mortgage over the vehicle as security for the loan, by registering their interest with the PPSR. Once the contract is completed, the security interest is removed giving the customer clear title to the vehicle.

Commercial hire purchase (CHP) explained

A Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) is a commercial finance product where the client hires the vehicle from the financier for a fixed monthly repayment over a set period of time. Commercial Hire Purchase can also be known as a Corporate Hire Purchase or Hire Purchase.

How does commercial hire purchase work?

Under a Commercial Hire Purchase arrangement, the lender agrees to buy the car on behalf of the customer, and then hire it back to them over a set period of time. The customer has the use of the vehicle for the term of the contract but is not the owner of the vehicle. At the end of the contract term when the total price of the vehicle (minus any residual) and the interest charges have been paid in full, the customer takes ownership of the car.

Novated Lease explained

Essentially, it’s a three-way agreement between you, your employer and a finance company that bundles together all the costs of your vehicle and allows you to pay them using pre-tax dollars, effectively saving on your tax liability.

What are the benefits of novated leasing?

Because your lease payments can be deducted from your income, you’ll be able to save on your tax return at the end of the year. You’ll also have full control over which vehicle you choose and if you decide to leave your job further down the track, you’ll be able to take it with you.




Adam helped me to negotiate a great deal on my motor policy and we look forward to building our relationship with the team at Cursio Group in the near future.

Steve T, Porter Davis
When my home and business property in Mickleham were caught in a bushfire and the insurance company threatened not to pay my claim in full, Tony Cursio and his team stepped up to the plate in a big way to make sure my claim was paid. I would strongly recommend Cursio Group.
Mario Z, Horse Breeder and Restauranteur
Cursio Group have helped us to pass as much risk on to insurers as possible. This has allowed us to focus on what we do best, knowing that we are covered and looked after by an experienced team of brokers. Thanks guys!
Tijana D, Core Metrics
Adam Cursio has gone over and beyond in helping us wherever he can with insurance, finance and general business related matters. Thanks for the help over the years Adam.
Robert P, Zero95 Pizza Bar
Adam Cursio has always been there for help in business related matters especially in insurance and finance. We have always been able to count on him and his family business who put a lot of passion into their work. Very trustworthy family and happy to recommend Cursio Group to anyone looking for advice.
Anthony B, Biviano Developments