Do you need a financial planner?

The main reason people delay seeing a financial planner is they think it’s too expensive and they think it’s just for people with large sums of money to invest. Well that’s unfortunately misguided and untrue.
At Cursio Group we can help you set some achievable goals and objectives to work towards first and foremost. If you can’t articulate where you are headed, it’s very hard to arrive at the destination. Finance is no different. Goal setting in itself is sometimes all a family needs to make the right plan for their finances and if we can help with that we’d be happy.

Setting your goals

Your plan could be as simple as saving to buy a home, sourcing funds to renovate your home or as complicated as retiring with specific requirements for multi-generational estate planning and inheritance wishes. Whatever the case may be, your plan needs to suit your specific requirements. Everyone is different and you need to work towards your own plan.

Set your goals and financial objectives

Get advice tailored to suit you and your family


What we can do for you

It’s not just about planning for the future either. At Cursio Group we can help adjust your current situation as well as preparing you and your family for the years ahead.

Strategies we can help with:
• Pay off your home loan quicker
• Save money and grow your asset base for retirement
• Boost your super balance with tax-effective strategies
• Protect your income with income protection insurance
• Secure your family’s expenses and liabilities with life insurance
• Start a family trust to build a property portfolio
• Give your kids a head-start with their own investment account

Getting started is the key

Like anything you set out to achieve, just getting started is the hardest part. Once your plans are set and you focus on achieving them the sky is the limit.
Our Advisors will explore a number of strategies use can use to help build your wealth, using a range of structures and financial products combined in a smart way that best suits your needs.

A no obligation chat

Entrusting your finances with the right people guiding you seems like a daunting task. You will share personal and financial information and you will expect full confidentiality and professionalism in return. At Cursio Group we pride ourselves on being able to deliver just that by listening and adapting our service offering to suit each individual client. We encourage you to take up our offer of a no obligation chat to see if we are the right fit for each other.




Adam helped me to negotiate a great deal on my motor policy and we look forward to building our relationship with the team at Cursio Group in the near future.

Steve T, Porter Davis
When my home and business property in Mickleham were caught in a bushfire and the insurance company threatened not to pay my claim in full, Tony Cursio and his team stepped up to the plate in a big way to make sure my claim was paid. I would strongly recommend Cursio Group.
Mario Z, Horse Breeder and Restauranteur
Cursio Group have helped us to pass as much risk on to insurers as possible. This has allowed us to focus on what we do best, knowing that we are covered and looked after by an experienced team of brokers. Thanks guys!
Tijana D, Core Metrics
Adam Cursio has gone over and beyond in helping us wherever he can with insurance, finance and general business related matters. Thanks for the help over the years Adam.
Robert P, Zero95 Pizza Bar
Adam Cursio has always been there for help in business related matters especially in insurance and finance. We have always been able to count on him and his family business who put a lot of passion into their work. Very trustworthy family and happy to recommend Cursio Group to anyone looking for advice.
Anthony B, Biviano Developments