Melbourne’s Leading Vendor Advocates

How Vendor Advocacy works

Before listing your property for sale you can engage a Vendor Advocate to guide you through the entire process. This should be someone you trust and someone who is experienced dealing with real estate agents.

A vendor advocate will discuss your plans to relocate and consider the broader impact on selling before your property is listed with an agent. They help you to understand what the process should be specific to your situation rather than jumping straight to the listing stage which is what an excited listing agent would do.

Every vendors individual situation is different and every sales campaign should consider these complexities before an agent is appointed to sell. In addition to this, the market conditions at the time you want to sell may also give the answer as to which agent in your area is right for you.

Cursio Property Advocates can help you to firstly understand how the selling process works, how to increase your chances for success and how to begin finding the right agent to maximise your ultimate selling price.

Here’s what your Vendor Advocate will do for you

  • Recommend the most suitable method and time to sell your property
  • Interview agents with you and recommend who is best suited to sell your property at that time
  • Negotiate the selling agent’s commission structure on your behalf
  • Guide you through the entire process and assist in negotiations between the agent, yourself and potential buyers


Real estate is a game, stick with people you trust.


Why use a Vendor Advocate?

• To obtain an honest appraisal of what your property is worth and how to maximise returns
• Have an unbiased professional with real estate sales experience on your side
• Acquire presentation tips and advice based on our many years in real estate
• Get help to tailoring the right marketing campaign for your property, not for the selling agent
• Be provided with regular updates, so you are always fully informed and supported
• Get help dealing with offers, understanding real estate jargon and knowing when to say yes or when to hold

As experienced fully licensed estate agents we have the knowledge and experience required to help. We share close relationships with a host of professionals across the Melbourne property market and we are confident our contacts and expertise is what you need to succeed in your property’s sales campaign.




Adam helped me to negotiate a great deal on my motor policy and we look forward to building our relationship with the team at Cursio Group in the near future.

Steve T, Porter Davis
When my home and business property in Mickleham were caught in a bushfire and the insurance company threatened not to pay my claim in full, Tony Cursio and his team stepped up to the plate in a big way to make sure my claim was paid. I would strongly recommend Cursio Group.
Mario Z, Horse Breeder and Restauranteur
Cursio Group have helped us to pass as much risk on to insurers as possible. This has allowed us to focus on what we do best, knowing that we are covered and looked after by an experienced team of brokers. Thanks guys!
Tijana D, Core Metrics
Adam Cursio has gone over and beyond in helping us wherever he can with insurance, finance and general business related matters. Thanks for the help over the years Adam.
Robert P, Zero95 Pizza Bar
Adam Cursio has always been there for help in business related matters especially in insurance and finance. We have always been able to count on him and his family business who put a lot of passion into their work. Very trustworthy family and happy to recommend Cursio Group to anyone looking for advice.
Anthony B, Biviano Developments