At Cursio Group we give advice, guidance and support in important financial matters which help to shape your family’s wellbeing, throughout the various stages of life

Financial Planning

A professionally written financial plan helps you to achieve your goals.
We give you advice based on your goals and we deal with financial institutions on your behalf.

Tax minimisation is one important facet of your overall financial strategy and should always be considered in combination with other areas such as investment returns, personal income and your financial objectives. Reducing the amount of tax that you pay every year can have an enormous impact on your long-term wealth, however this requires thorough consideration and well-timed ongoing financial advice. Given tax rules and regulations are ever changing, with effective strategies in one year often being rendered ineffective or obsolete the following year.
Life Insurance is a broad term used for products which provide payments to the insured person or those who rely on them when ill health, disability or death is suffered. It is crucial especially when one has debts and children who depend on them, but also when the income you earn is vital to servicing your ongoing living expenses.
Financial investments can be complex and challenging with numerous options, risks and considerations. Using world class research to support our recommendations, we’re focused on finding the most appropriate investments for your circumstances and attitude to risk. We aim to simplify the complexities of shares, managed funds, property, term deposits, cash and bonds to ensure your investment is appropriately aligned to your needs and future goals.
We also clearly communicate the specific benefits and drawbacks of all investments to ensure you’re making informed decisions. We construct and manage portfolios that are tailored to your individual circumstances to ensure you are making the most of your opportunities whilst not being exposed to inappropriate risks.
Superannuation funds provide income in retirement and should be given due attention as early as possible in one’s working life. Once we ascertain your risk profile which determines your appetite for taking investment risk, we allocate your superannuation money accordingly and provide advice to ensure your investments work in your favour and in accordance with the ever changing superannuation legislation.
For those with significant superannuation balances the ability to purchase a property with superannuation is a popular topic of conversation. SMSFs allow you to manage your own money by choosing your own property to buy. Whilst you are responsible to the ATO for making sure the fund follows the rules, we stand by your side and provide all the advice and service you need.
Big believers in family business, family trusts are a common piece of the advice puzzle used to distribute income, expenses and assets between family. When estate planning is crucial in the financial plan, family trusts are a mechanism commonly used by us and our clients to achieve the common goals shared by the family.

Insurance Broking

Any industry, any size, anywhere.
 Being part of the Steadfast Group we are one of the largest broker groups in the country with buying power, weight in numbers and strong industry contacts. We cover your business and fight claims on your behalf.

Business Insurance or Commercial Insurance is a broad description of the different cover available to business owners, protecting against the adverse financial affects of losses and to insure the continuing operation of the business.
Public Liability Insurance covers a company’s legal liability to third parties for causing bodily injury or property damage.
Contract Works Insurance policies insure the construction-related activities of a construction project into one package policy, covering the interests of all parties involved in the development. Covered parties include the project owner, general contractor, subcontractors, and in some cases, materials and equipment suppliers.
Professional indemnity insurance, often called errors and omissions insurance or PI Insurance for short, extends your general liability cover to incorporate protection for financial damages as a result of professional negligence.
Management Liability Insurance is an inexpensive combination policy that protects the financial interest of a company and the personal wealth of its directors and officers.
Work Vehicle Cover is insurance for work vehicles used during the course of business, protecting against vehicle theft and accidents. It also covers any employed person using a vehicle your business owns, rents or borrows.
Marine Insurance covers the loss of or damage to ships, cargo, terminals and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired or held between the points of origin and final destination.
Workers Compensation Insurance protects employers from claims resulting from employee injuries. The cover protects your business from lawsuits and provides employees with compensation for on-the-job injuries.
Events insurance provides liability protection for individuals, companies and organisations hosting activities not usually covered by their general liability policy. Policy covers include liability, liquor and legal defence for claims of negligence made against you. Most facilities, auditoriums, parks, cities and state authorities require insurance for special events.
Landlord Insurance protects you from financial loss connected with your rental property. It can provide insurance for such losses as malicious and intentional property damage by tenants, rent default, legal expenses and legal liability, as well as fire, storm and flood damage to the investment property.
Our connections with the major strata insurers in the country allow us to provide a superior service focusing on advice and delivery at claim time. We welcome the opportunity to quote your strata policy at the next review.

Finance Broking

We deal with all major lenders and can help you to find the right loan.

We have access to all major lenders and can introduce you to a bank who is suitable for your situation and who understands your business. Commercial lending requires skill, knowledge, a good flow of information between client and bank but most of all a good relationship with a bank. Allow us to put you in good stead with a bank that will help you to grow.
With more than 15 lenders on our panel we can help you to source a home loan that works for you. Don’t waste time dealing with the banks, allow us to do the work for you and make sure you get it right the first time
You may not realise how much equity and buying power you have until you refinance your existing properties. Allow us to organize a valuation and help you to work out what your borrowing capacity is to further invest in a property portfolio or consolidate debts.
Allow us to source a vehicle leasing or hire purchase arrangement that works for you.

Property Advice

When you buy a home, invest, sell or lease a property, we can help.

Selling your property is almost universally regarded as one of the most stressful and time consuming events to go through. Trusting the advice of an estate agent, embarking on a marketing campaign and ultimately securing a good sale price through diligent negotiation needs a trusted adviser on your side. That’s where a vendor advocate could be your greatest ally. Let us help you navigate the real estate game by recommending a local agent in your area from our extensive network of contacts acquired over the last 30 years.
A Buyer’s Advocate does all the work for you from sourcing, analysing, researching, negotiating and bidding at auction on your behalf. Our expertise in dealing with real estate professionals and being former estate agents ourselves, can save you valuable time and money – often thousands. If you’ve found a property, we can recommend the help you need to assist in obtaining the property at the best possible price and with the best possible conditions.
We dedicate ourselves to going the whole way and helping you to engage a specialist property manager with superior service, transparency and a sound work ethic. Being diligent and firm on your behalf is what we find to be the key to a rewarding relationship when selecting a manager to take care of your property investment.